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What We Do

What We Do - For Airports

Aerodata IT, founded 2016, with backgrounds derived from working at large airports, provides consulting services in airports and airlines IT including  "common-use" systems (specialty), focusing on the specialized needs of medium to small airports. As an independent firm, Aerodata IT stands objectively to the requirements of an airport without compromise. We help airport authorities evaluate the diverse technologies and the qualified vendors offering their products and services surrounding the most critical systems with credibility, commitment, trust, accountability, and earned expertise that are second to none. We will help you understand the many proprietary airline and vendor technologies, product offerings, decipher "vendor speak", while sharing our knowledge on how best to deliver the services to the flying public at a "green field" site or when transitioning from one vendor/systems to another. Aerodata IT will help your airport make the right and most appropriate IT systems decisions to meet your objectives, every step of the way, and we have the scalability to meet needs. 


Aerodata IT will work with you to provide:


  • Needs analysis (including canvassing airlines)

  • Developing RFP (Request for Proposal  - encompassing technical, operations, business & legal)

  • Soliciting qualified vendors; engaging industry-wide contacts

  • Liaise with vendors regarding RFP questions (written questions and/or in-person sessions)

  • Review of vendor proposals; airport site vendor systems evaluation

  • Interviewing/assistance/recommendation in selection of qualified vendors

  • Developing implementation plan tailored to the airport (including communications with airlines, vendors, and other stakeholders)

  • Review and assistance in the creation  of complex commercial documents

  • Designing and implementing  secure wireless and wired networks , including airline connections, tailored to the needs and budget of your airport

  • Project management of new or transitional implementations

  • Providing site management & hands-on technical services

  • Coordination and communication with airports operations group and airlines

  • Oversight and evaluation of your vendor-provided site services

  • Implement change management, improvement plans, routine change processes

  • Recruitment and selection services in hiring temp or permanent IT support staff

  • Providing operational training for maintenance support team (cut-over and ongoing support training)

  • Additional services as required, including short-term projects, staffing, emergency help, etc.




Aerodata IT provides services on "as required" short to medium term situations and will work with you to plan longer term solutions.



What We Do - For Vendors

Aerodata IT brings years of experience working for airport systems vendors and airlines hosts, at many of the world's major airports that will bring immediate and effective benefits. Aerodata IT staff has practical knowledge of technology, protocols, peripherals, operational requirements and industry contacts that are impossible to find "on the street". We bring high-value services wherever and whenever a vendor would need help to deliver airport IT projects. Need assistance with structuring, recruiting and training your site support staff? We'll work with you to find the right people with the right attitude and skills by using effective evaluative methods to get your winners (we all know it's beyond just excellent tech skills to keep your airport clients happy...well, our team has done it, year in and year out.) We'll even train your staff how to run your sites successfully, impactfully, to help make your company your client's only choice beyond the industry-standard 5-year cycle. No resources to help deploy your systems?  Need to lower your high internal costs to be more competitive and increase your margins? We can help.


As the size of our firm is by design to offer flexibility and scalability, we'll work with you to make your numbers work instead of them constantly hedging against you and your clients. When you need the job done now, we are the best qualified, most experienced independent mobile team that can be on your side to get you where your clients need you to be. You settle for much more when you go with Aerodata IT.



Aerodata IT will work with you to provide:


  • Subcontract services sS

  • Staff complement to your team; knowledge in airline systems technology and protocols

  • Implementation, Installing, Testing, Commissioning of systems and airline applications

  • Preparation of Implementation, Testing, and Commissioning Plans

  • Technical services for transitional or green-field airport sites

  • Site management and systems support services

  • Staffing Services (temporary, longer term)

  • Assistance in recruitment and selection of support/technical staff

  • Training services to your support teams and clients

  • Problem Solving, Analysis, Recommendations

  • All important familiarity and knowledge of airports, airlines, and systems vendor operations

  • Range of industry, peripheral makers, circuit providers and airline hosts contacts

  • Help improve your margins with our flexible costing models

  • Business and management assistance to protect your interests




Due to adherence to confidentiality agreements, please contact us for client references.

What We Do - For Your Business

Aerodata IT consultants and advisors oversee that our business with you is clear up front to avoid any "mid-stream" confusion or renegotiation that could arise out of the very complex business environment of an airport. Aerodata IT has the unique advantage to extend highly qualified professional services in finding workable solutions in the areas of business and management  levels to protect your critical interests and investments.  Access to Aerodata IT advisors is your answer to business issues that could hinder growth potential. 

Aerodata IT  can facilitate  avoidance or extrication of a business or management predicament while fully appreciating the industry and understanding your operations from the inside out.  Aerodata IT's business advisors, and who are equally intelligent in IT, are available to help protect your interests with effective solutions. We will provide what you need in a no-nonsense, concise, and easily understandable package, found nowhere else.


Aerodata IT,  in everything we do, our interest is yours, and this is...

The Aerodata IT Difference... Working For You
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